Hi I’m Loreine 21 years old and living somewhere in the sunny Philippines. i could be wacky , childlike and demure at the same time. I’m loud and really extrovert . but when I’m sad and worried i’m the opposite of those I’ve mentioned.I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like the most. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s prolly the most important thing in a person. i am me and nothing more.

I love blogging and dressing up.  I’m inlove with floral prints. I love to wear dolly flats, wedge, and pumps. I’m collecting tote bags. I so love pink. Most of my stuffs are pink and my styles really shows the feminine side of me. I wear cheap and luxury clothes, style does not need to be expensive. It’s a matter of how you bring yourself. but often times i prefer to have branded clothes, because of the quality. Usually, I shop my dresses at Bayo, Folded and hung and mixed berry, accessorize  for my bags, For my foot wear, any store will do as long as i like the item. Its the only common boutiques where you can shop for quality and and if you’re particular with the good labels or brands here in Dumaguete.

Follow me as i update my egocentric blog where I posts all sorts of things that is close to my heart. ♥


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