Loreine Ortega Ragay

I really couldn’t find the exact words to describe myself. I can be wacky, childlike, and be demure and shy at the same time. Each moment is important to me don’t matter if I am a kid, a teen or a old person, life has your wonderful moments for everybody, just enjoy it and deal with it. I am a simple and typical girl. I have my own share of mistakes and flaws yet I always try to go beyond those imperfections. I am determined but can be headstrong at times. I always go for what I want and never cease trying until it’ll be mine. I am very much impulsive like my mom. I don’t have an ample dose of patience and that can be a problem for me at times. I am soft-spoken yet I can crap out nasty words once I had enough! But then again, I always watch my mouth coz when you let proud words go it’s hard to call them back. RND, Chef the titles i want to have after my name.  and luckily  this July 27, 2012 I am officially a registered Nutritionist Dietitian. I want to travel to different places. Paris would always be a perfect idea. What makes me feel better, shopping and going to the beach. Im so attach to God and my family. Im clumsy at times. I want to experience everything. I take chances, risk and take the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. I learned a lot from my shortcomings. I am definitely a lil’ bit of everything. I can be sweet as a honey and vile as a venom. I am Loreine unpredictably sweet ♥


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